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We build highly scalable industry-specific enterprise Web and Mobile Applications / Software as a Service / CRMs / Ecommerce Platforms that are constantly satisfying and exceeding our clients' expectations.

We are a passionate group of web software engineers and business consultants who are accomplished analytical thinkers and problem solvers. At our core, we’re digital strategists that create and implement extraordinary innovative information technology products for our highly valued and respected clients.

The DATA DOG team is composed of tech nerds, web wizards and online success strategy moguls. We challenge innovation while using the latest web technologies such as Symfony2, AngularJS, goLang, Graph databases and through following Agile principles. We are proud of our accomplishments and what we are capable of as a team.

Thanks to our ongoing investments in training, scrupulous hiring procedures, collaboration with the top technical international universities and appealing career possibilities, DATA DOG has amassed a talent pool of motivated, loyal and highly skilled overachievers who have the capabilities to produce astonishing results.

"Superior technical ability is rare. Ability combined with personality is rarer still. The single most important factor in any partnership is people, and working with the team at DATA DOG is consistently stimulating and fun. They have proven over and over their ability to understand, question, drive forward and deliver on projects. I give them my full professional and personal endorsement."

Dr. Daniel J Hulme / CEO of Satalia

By the numbers

  • 30+

  • 5
    Project Managers

  • 999
    Projects launched

  • 5
    Years of experience

  • 11
    Open source projects

Management team

    • Domas Janickas
    • CoFounder / CEO
    • Domas's main objective is to make clients happy and satisfied with the services we are providing. His main focus is to ensure that we understand clients' needs and are able to deliver projects at the highest quality standards.
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    • Marius Buzaitis
    • CoFounder / COO
    • Marius is extremely passionate about new technologies and innovation. His goal is to ensure that our team is using the latest tools and technologies available in the market. He believes that employees are the key to success; therefore, his main objective is to build a stress-free environment that is fun to work in.
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    • Gytis Koryzna
    • CoFounder
    • Gytis is passionate about eCommerce and is responsible for this business line within our organization. He keeps looking for and implementing the latest trends and innovation in eCommerce projects.
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"We have been consistently impressed with the team’s ability to deliver a complex application in a short time frame, and with their level of commitment and support."

George Mills

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(People === Success)

It is very important for us to make our employees happy and satisfied with the working environment, therefore we constantly invest in our working facilities, new technologies, tools and training. We believe that the key to DATA DOG's success is people.

Domas Janickas, CoFounder / CEO

We truly believe in the importance of training and development

  • Internal trainings
  • External trainings and conferences
  • Certifications
  • Mentoring program for new employees

Training and career development are vital in any company or organization that aims at progressing. Therefore, we heavily invest in internal and external training and development. We certify our employees with the industry-recognized certifications. We attend tech conferences globally and follow the latest trends in information technology. We invite external speakers to speak to our employees and share their experiences. We organize and are part of tech events and conferences such as Kaunas PHP, Vilnius PHP, Symfony conference, StartupWeekend, GitHub and etc.

Ultimately, we never stop learning and challenging ourselves, which is why we prefer the latest technologies. People are often suprised at what we use. Our team are encouraging to learn everytime and to access new knowledge at conferences, on blogs and via other hands-on means. Due to this, we can make better decisions in our daily work.

Our team is our family

We like spending time together and never forget each other's birthdays and other important occasions. We plan team outings and this is very important for us, as it allows the team to bond outside of the workplace and helps everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level, an opportunity that doesn’t always present itself during the daily grind. We encourage our team members to express their personalities in the workspace and believe that this can stir creativity and also develop a more relaxed environment.

If you willing to be a part of DATA DOG
We`d like to hear from you.

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E-Commerce platform iOS Application

The quick and easy way to buy digital gift cards using BitCoins

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Swift Travel

Hotel & Flight booking system and CRM

Swift Travel provides exceptional travel solutions with unrivalled industry knowledge, getting the traveler there when others won’t.

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E-Commerce tool

The best collection of features have been gathered and integrated for business owners in GetShopin's eCommerce platform.

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Orange bikes

iOS Application

A shiny app for discovering bike-sharing systems around the world.

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Software as a Service

Individuum is an interactive student and graduate recruitment platform for the corporate realm.

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Software as a Service

The first cloud-based telemedicine solution available via mobile and web applications.

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Growth Street

Software as a Service

GrowthStreet flexible credit platform for SMEs.

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iOS Application

Discover films to watch with fellow movie lovers on Groupeezz, a social network that gets you talking and helps you arrange to see films together.

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About the project

GiftOff is a UK-based digital gift card retailer with the largest range on offer in Europe. Since February 2014 they’ve been enabling digital currency users to shop with major retailers like Amazon.co.uk, Steam and Marks & Spencer. GiftOff stock over 180 gift cards and accept over 40 digital currencies as well as UK credit and debit cards.

The task

GiftOff began with a promising project that quickly grabbed some serious traction. To keep up with increasing demand they understood the need for adequate technical knowledge. DATADOG were asked to start building out their platform with a more solid foundation and future-proofing in mind.

Making it possible

We assessed their existing code and quickly decided to begin it from scratch. By doing so, we enabled the website to have automatized and flawlessly working features with convenient experience, including the basis for an iOS app.

Digital payment is the core of GiftOff. Making sure it’s stress free for both visitors and website managers was our first priority. DATADOG integrated Bitcoin as well as other popular digital currencies with a bulletproof callback safety feature. We did not forget conventional payment methods too, so users can still buy using their debit or credit card.

“Since launch of the new site, new branding and new features we have seen an uplift of around +100% in terms of turnover, which we attribute directly to the new website and features.” – Rusty Nash, CTO of GiftOff

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About the project

Since 1985, Swift Travel has specialized in offering the most competitive and discounted fares on premium economy, business-class and first-class flights to the USA and worldwide, getting the traveler there when others won’t.


Swift Travel came to DATA DOG with two objectives in mind. Their outdated web presence didn’t reflect their true market position and while they were making great travel solutions, it could be vastly improved by designing an interface that funneled attention to getting in touch with the Swift Travel team. Finally, they asked us to eliminate the immense paperwork burden they had to deal with due to their old-school CRM.


At first the KICKPUSH team created a user experience that grips visitors from the moment they open the website- there is a crystal-clear call to action on every click or scroll they make. We simplified the inquiry form by customizing it in a fluid way, so potential customer inputs flow confidently. Besides a satisfying website experience, we made Swift Travel perform on all mobile devices just as well.

While Swift travel customers enjoyed great service, this could not be said about employees. Tracking travel data manually and registering inquiries by hand is by far too complicated. DATA DOG made a single web-based CRM system allowing Swift Travel to increase productivity and dramatically reduce paperwork. From now on all travel data is received automatically using third-party integration and offers can be made in a matter of clicks.

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A Virtual Shopping Centre
Start and run your professional e-shop for free!

About the project

eCommerce involves plenty of extra services and infrastructure costs. GetShopin is based on the same principles as real-life shopping malls. Large investments into infrastructure and high user traffic is now not needed for SMEs to boost their eCommerce sales. The best collection of services has been already gathered and integrated for business owners in GetShopin.

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  • Symfony2 PHP framework for managing stores
  • OXID eShop PHP eShop platform
  • Client management from MultiShop management platform
  • Extended user roles and permissions management
  • Unified login to administration back-end
  • Product assortment management and categorization
  • Information management for customers (CMS pages)
  • Extended media management tools and marketing material
  • Integrated payment, delivery modules and activation
  • Order information and statistics.

Our role

Developed the member area and administration for the desktop application based on Symphony2 PHP framework. Optimized the online application process by closely collaborating and following the specifics of Growth Street business. Additional integrations with GoCardless, Xero and Close.io allowed us to speed up business processes by automation of particular repetitive tasks.

Today’s world is mobile

To make your eCommerce business mobile, we adapted the design and interface to mobile platforms. You can easily manage your shop from your mobile phone or tablet. Your online shop will look professional to your customers, regardless of what device they are using. In this way we are creating pleasurable selling and buying experiences for different device users.

Fully customizable and user-friendly themes

Small shop

Small layout for small business owners or hobbyists

Medium shop

Medium layout for fully functional average businesses or additions to physical shops.

Big shop

Big layout for complex business solutions or people who have a lot of products.

Our tools,
your creativity

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About the project

The Orange Bikes app is a way to discover nearby bike rental systems in various cities installed by JCDecaux.

The task

Understand, analyze and implement the public API provided by JCDecaux Corporation to fulfill the needs of simply seeing the availability of bikes/stops.

Making it possible

We teamed up with a talented design house- Kickpush, who opted for the best - suited UI and designed a painless user experience.

Open Data is at the core of this project since it is provided by the corporation's data platform. It allows real-time data display and also statistical analysis for user suggestion mechanisms and forecasting.

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Individuum is an interactive student and graduate
recruitment platform for the corporate realm.

About the project

Individuum allows companies and recruiters to target the right individuals in order to give them their adequate value on the labor market and help them get their foot in the door. Individuals, on the other hand, have the opportunity to apply to a variety of different open jobs and internships positions, thus increasing the chances of both recruiters and applicants finding the perfect match.

The task

Even though Indviduum had a great idea to connect students and employers, it lacked adequate execution. The system relied on inefficient and time - consuming messaging between three parties – student, Individuum and employer. We were challenged to develop a reliable, effective yet simple platform for them to cooperate. Let’s get to it!

Making it possible

We began by carefully analyzing the website and the entirety of the client’s journey, from the moment a student submits an application to the final note where the contract is being signed. Following client demand we started off by making a completely new structure using service-oriented architecture which allows flexible module integration in the future, while keeping current ones independent.

Next, we moved on to making interviews possible within the Individuum website. Calendar integration allowed employers to plan and manage their interaction with students effortlessly. But we didn’t stop there. Using WEBRTC technology we pioneered our way into real-time interviews. Clear view and sound, available from most smart phones, tablets or PC, with no external software required. Finally, if the employer is satisfied and decides to say yes, they can do it with a click of the mouse. Both the employer and future employee are moved to an incorporated contract form where they can exchange documents and shake hands virtually.

“Today DATA DOG is a centrum part of INDIVIDUUM” – Michel Hoffmann, CEO of INDIVIDUUM

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About the project

Not everybody has access to the required level of health care. Some people live in remote areas with no hospitals or practitioners. Hospitals themselves might not have the required expertise or experienced practitioners available. Old communication systems can also delay the consultancy process.

The Teleclinic system serves to minimize the extent of these problems. It is the first cloud-based telemedicine solution available via mobile and web applications. We believe that every citizen has the right to have access to medical services.

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  • Web portal and cross-platform mobile set for patients
  • Practitioner profiles and selection
  • Secure database queries and patient data
  • Image sharing and upload
  • Direct communication with practitioner
  • Consultancy results and health history
  • Anonymity guarantee for delicate matters
  • Available on Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, iOS
  • Cloud-based web platform for practitioners
  • Remote consultation, data storage and sharing
  • Integration with existing digital devices
  • Powerful PACS system for instant image sharing
  • Patient flow management
  • Available on PC and Windows 8 tablets

Consult with a doctor directly

Patients can select from a range of specialties and illness categories.
Questionnaires are created and maintained by specialists, so patients can be sure that relevant questions will be asked to carefully evaluate the consultation request.

Plastic Surgery







Family Medicine

Remote consultation at a glance

Patients select the required qualification for their general practitioner. Once they fill in the questionnaire via the Web Portal or Mobile App the practitioner can immediately respond or refer them to a relevant specialist.

Manage patient flow effectively

Practitioner Profiles

All practitioners have their profiles in the patient system. Users can read their qualifications and experience and choose the one needed.


Consultancy cases are sorted and can be assigned to the right practitioners. Multiple practitioners can work on a single consultancy case.

Data Security

Patient information is only accessible by the assigned practitioners. All the data is compressed and encrypted during the transfer.

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GrowthStreet flexible credit platform for SMEs

About the project

Filling in an online Growth Street application only takes 30 minutes. To receive funding for your idea or startup you will need to enter some simple information about your company, information on your company’s directors and shareholders, and financial information.

Visit the live site


  • Simple application process integrated with the most popular SaaS business applications for easy financial data reporting.
  • Extended finance management: view the total size of financing facilities, apply for additional funding, request a drawdown of funds.
  • View and update repayment schedules and interest payment plans based on the cashflows of your business.

Our role

Developed the member area and administration for the desktop application based on Symphony2 PHP framework. Optimized the online application process by closely collaborating and following the specifics of Growth Street business. Additional integrations with GoCardless, Xero and Close.io enabled us to speed up business processes by automation of particular repetitive tasks.

Intuitive application process

The application process was crafted in a way to minimize the information and business data the applicant needs to enter manually.

All financial documents and information are automatically imported from the applicant's accounting software.

Applying for a Drawdown

You can be sure that the information would be relevant and helpful before making a drawdown.

The overdraft management tool is intuitive to navigate, allowing for a drawdown to be requested or repaid with just a few clicks.

All the details instantly accessible

The user experience of the management area is developed following the business processes and workflows.

Platform Managers can easily find all information from a readily accessible dashboard.

  • applications
  • clients
  • contracts
  • transactions
  • repayments
  • credit ratios
  • communication history

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About the project

Discover films to watch with fellow movie lovers on Groupeezz, a social network that gets you talking and helps you arrange to see films together.


Collaborating with KICKPUSH, we went into this project with a clear understanding of the client's needs - a friendly and minimally designed iPhone application with smooth user experience.


We did just that! Our team took part by developing an application using the most recent SWIFT language, which allowed safe, nimble and reliable usability.

Thanks to Socket.IO and XMPP protocol integration, everything you do in app happens instantly – chat, receive news and interact, all in real time.

At last, with Apple's push notification service, we made sure that you never forget your movie night even if you are not using the application.

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